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We Help Hotels & Resorts Transform Into a Well-Being Haven to Increase Bookings, Boost Revenue, & Improve the Overall Guest Experience.

Wellness isn't  a fad or just a growing trend, it's a lifestyle choice that extends from guests home to their vacations that is increasingly influencing their purchasing decisions.


It can also be a significant revenue generation opportunity for your hotel or resort.

Revitalize Your Guest Experience & Your Bottom Line

Increase Bookings

Consumers are increasingly looking for hotel stays that offer a wellness focus. Make the choice to stay with you easy and increase your bookings with our StayWellz Hotel & Resort Wellness Program.

Improve Your Guest Experience

Guests will revel in your wellness-enhanced offerings and love their stay experience at your transformed well-being haven, increasing your repeat bookings and referrals.

Highlight Your Hotel's Character

All of our wellness recommendations will be in line with your hotel's unique character, location, & personality for a unique and memorable hotel experience for your guests and repeat bookings and revenue for you.

Increase Revenue

Increase your property's revenue with more bookings and wellness-focused incremental sales opportunities. Your guests will love and indulge in your expanded offerings increasing your revenue.

Refresh Your Hotel Brand

Give your hotel a refresh with fresh additions to your stay experience. Boost recall, brand loyalty, and brand positioning with your new wellness  offerings.

On Budget

All recommendations will be with consideration of your budget parameters, plus you'll have the option to scale and expand enhancements with easy to implement options, partnerships and collaborations.

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