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Reignite Your Inner Spark Workshop For A Brighter Life

In this transformative workshop, you'll learn how to put yourself first so you can take better care of your well-being, happiness, relationships, and your business.

BETA PRE-SALE | Register Now For Only $149! | SAVE $300

Offer expires 12/31/23.

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Start living a richer more fulfilled life today.

In this transformative workshop, you'll create a blueprint to put yourself first so you can take better care of your well-being, happiness, relationships, and your business. Plus, you'll also create your very own Spark Project to bring new light into your life, step outside of your comfort zone, and discover who you are today. 

You'll feel more alive, experience a greater sense of joy and fulfillment, and create a breakthrough in your well-being,  creativity, relationships, and happiness.

Reserve your spot today and embark on the path to a brighter, more purposeful you! 

Limited spots available! The Beta Pre-Sale Offer will expire and the price will increase on 12/31/23. 

For many of us, entrepreneurship is not what we do, our job, or a career—it's who we are.

We put our whole selves into our business, our hearts and souls, our minds our bodies, and anything else we can throw in there! Our business becomes our baby, and if you're a parent, you know there isn't anything you wouldn't do for your baby! 

During the early years of your business, you might not sleep much, eating take out at your desk or whatever "meal" you can cobble together.


Working out is a distant memory of the good ol' pre-business days and your friends are constantly pestering you to do something other than work. You've consciously put working out, eating healthy, and having fun at the bottom of the list but you'll definitely circle back to it later, or at least that's what you tell yourself!


You may or may not forget your kids' names and your dog may wonder what you've become (but love you anyway!). Meanwhile, your spouse has given up altogether on more intimate moments (ahem!) and settled for a glimpse of the top of your head when they find you the next morning sleeping at your desk. 

OK, I may be exaggerating a bit but we can all relate to the passion we all pour into our business. 

My name is Vickie Reine and I know because I've been there. 

As your business starts picking up steam, you'd think it gets easier but sometimes, you can be just as entangled in it as you do everything in your power to keep things moving forward and gaining momentum. 

Even when things are good and steady, you may be so engrossed in your workaholic pattern that while you may no longer be sleeping at your desk, you've left self-care haphazardly filed away in a rickety, old-school filing cabinet that now sits locked in your garage and you have no idea where the key is.


When someone asks you what you do for fun, you hurriedly pull out your phone and look up the meaning of the word...wait, how do you spell "fun" again?

When you search for the glimmer in your eyes, you only find it when someone flashes their phone's flashlight directly in your eyes. 

While I could go on and on, I have to tell you something that you aren't going to like...

Life is more than your business! 

Open your home office door and step outside to your brand new life! 

Your rich Wellpreneur Life begins inside of you with a decision to make a change, not someday, but today. 

"As a woman entrepreneur, you are your company's most valuable asset"
- Vickie Reine

Reserve your spot today and embark on the path to a brighter, more purposeful you! 

Limited spots available! The Beta Pre-Sale Offer will expire and the price will increase on 12/31/23. 

Q: Why, you ask, do we need light? I like it here in my dimly lit yet cozy comfort zone!

Light, my dear entrepreneurial sister, reveals, illuminates, brightens, and serenely and confidently fills a space. And yet, it is the fastest thing in the universe. 

By definition, light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that allows the human eye to see or makes object visible. 

Your inner spark, the light inside of you, will allow you to see a whole new life that is possible for you. New things, people, and experiences will come into view.

This is what happened to me and why I want to share it with you. 

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Q: Why does my inner spark need reigniting, anyway?

No matter how successful you are, how well-tamed your eyebrows are, and how much ass you kick, being a woman entrepreneur is a challenge. The work/life balance struggle is real, especially because we, as women, simply take on more. 

In addition to all of our business, clients, and team members we have to manage, many of us also have family responsibilities to consider—the kids, our partner, parents, and home. 

Paychecks aren't guaranteed (wouldn't that be nice!), meals don't cook themselves (if only!), aging parents have new needs (and we love our parents, don't we?), and sometimes it can feel like everything is solely and entirely up to you (and sometimes, it is!).

You know you need to recharge. You long for a time-out, time for yourself, a time to do anything but work and be responsible for seemingly anything getting done. 

You're exhausted and you know that inner spark you once had has dimmed but you don't see how and when you can recharge. In fact, you wouldn't be able to find the outlet if your life depended on it! 

***Pun Alert***

Now, I find it SUPER interesting that to turn on the light you need to plug it into an outlet, which is a source of energy! Get it? It's the same thing for us! To turn on our inner light once again, we need an outlet, which is a source of energy!

In the Reignite Your Inner Spark! workshop, you will find your outlet--your source of energy--and plug in! 

Q: I don't have time right now. I'll do it someday soon. Wait...What do you mean there is no someday? 


Both "someday" and time are illusions.

I'm not making that up...wait. I AM making that up and so are you! 

Someday doesn't exist, it's just a figment of our imagination. 

And time, well, time is an illusion. Theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli said time is an illusion. But it doesn't feel very illusory to us, does it?

It feels very real and our entire lives feel run by time. From our ticking biological clocks and client deadlines to our aging faces and picking up the kids from school, it all can sometimes feel like ticking time bombs. 

You want to do something about it, change something, but you make excuses to yourself...that you just don’t, well, have time, that you have more important things on your plate right now, and you'll get to it "someday" later when you're not so busy.

But unless you make the time, that will always be the case. ​

There is no "someday" and you will never have enough time. The hamster will continue to run on the wheel, until he a) drops from a tiny heart attack, b) jumps off the wheel with a joyful squeal, or c) keels over. 

I chose b. 

Once upon a time, I worked 12-hour days or longer, not getting any sleep, wearing all the hats, and had clients calling me at all hours. On top of that, I unexpectedly added a whole new set of familial responsibilities I was completely unprepared for.  

​My well-being suffered, my emotional health suffered, and my business suffered. I was constantly on the edge, unhappy, uninspired, exhausted, and felt stuck. Even when I grew my team and was able to delegate more, I still didn't have enough time to truly enjoy life, take care of and invest in myself, and do the things I was yearning to do. 

I had no time for anything, much less for my "inner spark."​

Now here's the thing, I thought that's the way it was, what I had to do to be successful, and it was fine because "someday"--after this one project, or this one new client, or this one more thing--I would be able to take a break. 

​Spoiler Alert! That day never came. 

I had to create it and in the process, I recreated my life so that I actually enjoy it, have time for the things I love, and have discovered whole new sides to myself that I never knew existed. 

​In the process, I've become a better daughter, a more involved aunt, a more loving and conscientious partner, a more thoughtful friend, and a higher-performing entrepreneur.  

And, it all started by saying yes to just one new thing--and that's when I saw the light.

The little light inside of me came back on. This is what I want for you. 

In this workshop, Reignite Your Inner Spark!, I'm going to tell you all about my journey and show you how I reignited my inner spark, and how you can, too.

Q: My business needs to come first, doesn't it? Shouldn't it be my priority?


No. Nope. No, ma'am. 

​Why is it that we, as women entrepreneurs, can be the most determined, focused, committed, and confident women when it comes to our business but we lack the commitment, attention, and confidence when it comes to setting aside time for ourselves?

​That lack of commitment to ourselves slowly starts to take a toll. You feel depleted and exhausted, more irritable, less focused, and while you may be successful, you feel something is missing, your creativity can begin to wane, and your overall well-being can start to suffer. 

​As a woman entrepreneur, you are your company's most valuable asset! You are a hot commodity! You kick ass and take names! 

Your well-being has a direct impact on your business. By improving your well-being you also improve the well-being and earning potential of your business. 

It's all connected. 

​By focusing on your own light, you'll feel more recharged, be able to see things more clearly and be more vital. Plus, you'll feel more focused, centered, and happier giving you the space to be more present at work, life, and your relationships.

If you are ready to recharge and reignite your inner spark but don't know where to start or how to begin...

Register now for the Reignite Your Inner Spark! workshop today.

Reserve your spot today and embark on the path to a brighter, more purposeful you! 

Limited spots available! The Beta Pre-Sale Offer will expire and the price will increase on 12/31/23. 

In the “Reignite Your Inner Spark” workshop, you will:

  • Feel recharged, more focused, and have an improved sense of well-being as you create a blueprint to start putting yourself first so you can take better care for yourself, your business, and things and people that matter to you.

  • Feel fantastic after taking action on something you've been wanting to do for yourself for a long time.

  • Have a boosted sense of self-confidence because you kept your word to yourself.

  • Make time for yourself and realize you deserve it.

  • Create time where you didn't think there was any. 

  • Spread good vibes by sharing and celebrating your reignited spark.

  • Set a positive wellness-focused example for your kids, family, friends, & and team members. 

  • Feel happier, more centered, and more present for your business, family, friends, and your partner.

It's Time To Reclaim Your Life

Change Your Life

Learn an incredibly simple yet effective hack to reclaim your personal power, your vitality, and your time to change your life by the end of the workshop.

Get Your Power Back

If you’ve ever wanted to do something for yourself, like take a class, travel, or go to the gym, but you've said, “I just don’t have time…," you’ll learn how to instantly get your power back and reclaim your time.

Bust Through Blocks

Discover how to bust through all kinds of blocks to take immediate action and reignite that little light of yours so you can let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Reconnect With A Passion 

Through a guided introspective exercise, you'll reconnect with an interest, dream, or passion you’ve been putting on the back burner or given up on altogether to create a new future that reignites your inner spark.

Reserve your spot today and embark on the path to a brighter, more purposeful you! 

Limited spots available! The Beta Pre-Sale Offer will expire and the price will increase on 12/31/23. 

Here's What You'll Get:

5+ modules chock-full of goodness, including either video or audio lessons, workbook exercises, discussions in sessions, and more.

12-page downloadable PDF.

The opportunity to bring to life your very own Spark Project to reignite your inner spark.

A clear roadmap to make it a reality that you can apply to any area of your life. 

A blueprint to start putting yourself first.

The opportunity to change your life & be happier.

By Reigniting Your Inner Spark,  you will...

Become a better entrepreneur, leader, boss, & partner. Plus, you'll have more energy and have the right mindset to set yourself and your business for greater prosperity and earning potential. 

Register Now For Early Bird Bonuses* Worth Over $579!

  • Live 1-hr Group Coaching Call with Vickie Reine | VALUE: $350

  • 10-minute transformative creative visualization exercise that will reconnect you with your inner spark from the inside out. | VALUE: $69

  • 10-Minute breakthrough meditation exercise that will empower you to say, "No" to the people and things that dim your light and "Yes!" to those that light you up! | Value: $69

  • Become a Beta Tester Team Member of the Reignite Your Inner Spark Workshop and receive all future updates to the course for free. Plus, be the first to receive deals and offers on all of our courses! | VALUE: Unlimited! 

  • $50 Gift Card for a friend to use in one of our upcoming workshops. 

We promise we will not share your email with any third parties. BONUS: When you download, you will become a VIP Insider and be the first to receive inspiring and life-changing videos, meditations, articles, workshops, invitations, discounts, & more. Ready to change your life? Register today for this transformational workshop. 

Reserve your spot today and embark on the path to a brighter, more purposeful you! 

Limited spots available! The Beta Pre-Sale Offer will expire and the price will increase on 12/31/23. 

*This is a one-time offer. After 12/10/23, we will never offer this course at this price again. Register today for your early bird savings and bonuses worth over $579. 

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